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About AADA

AADA is a turnkey solution and a full service architecture and interior design firm specializing in commercial, offices and residential projects. We deliver innovative designs that showcase creativity and a strong commitment to our clients’ wishes. When you contact AADA, we work closely with you to determine how we can best suit your needs, and we help you to make the right decisions to accomplish your goals.

Our combined architecture, interior design and landscaping expertise allows us a unique niche in the Architecture/Design process within time lines. Our distinctive method of combining detailed specifications and construction documents allows for the most accurate bidding possible for a new space. In this market where every Single Rupee counts, we feel this amount of detail gives our clients peace of mind when launching one of the most expensive endeavors of their life.




We have a vision which we strive to reach. Our strategy shall get us closer to realizing this vision:

We want to be among the best companies in the India – and recognized globally. We want to influence the development of the construction industry and produce the highest possible level of architectural & Interior Design quality.





  • • We are aware of and committed to our role as decision-makers for the physical environment.
  • • AADA must be run on the basis of sound and ethically responsible business principles, and must continue to possess genuine economic independence.
  • • As independent consultants, we choose our own methodologies, techniques and materials, in dialogue with our partners, but independently of manufacturer interests, etc.



  • • Towards our partners, our arguments and conclusions are well-supported and documented.
  • • In non-analytical areas of work such as art and architecture, we are well-formulated in “words and pictures”.
  • • Our work must be relevant, current, innovative and constructive, and must take account of the needs of society.
  • • We must secure an optimum psychological and physical working environment at the architectural practice.



  • • We perform our work with the aim of creating a synthesis between function, form, finances and resource-awareness.
  • • We collaborate with others, and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with each other and with the external professional environment.
  • • We take an active and constructive part in the working processes – including each other’s work.
  • • We strive to increase our efficiency and raise our levels of innovation and productivity via professional development and further training.

We are attentive to the importance of maintaining a balance between family and working life, and we recognise the responsibility of the architectural practice in this regard.

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